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Prayers & Quotes

"If your day is hemmed in with prayer, it is less likely to come unraveled." —  Cynthia Lewis

Meditation and Inspiration

                               A Prayer for Today 


Eternal and Loving God, by your grace you have created us to be your own. Through your Spirit, you have revealed to us great things above.  Through Jesus, you have given us a new way to live—renewed minds to know you, trusting hearts to love you, and fresh eyes of faith to see you. Help us to be open always to new understandings of what it means to serve you and to live our lives as your children—born of water and of the Spirit. 

God of compassion, look down upon your children in mercy.  We pray for all in need and ask your blessing on all who look for hope and peace. Bind up the brokenhearted. Surround the sorrowful with your comforting presence and give strength to the weary. Bring healing to those who are sick, fighting disease, and all who look to be restored to good health. 

We lift up to you in prayer our concerns, trusting in your mercy and grace... Amen.

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